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Red Barn Boer Goats began when we saw the meat goat market developing. The meat goat industry is the fastest growing and one of the most profitable of all agricultural entities.

Our farm is located  in Shelby Ohio, which is approximately halfway between Cleveland and Columbus. We raise Fullblood and Percentage Boer Goats to sell for show and market. We became interested in Boer Goats in the summer of 2010 and began purchasing "top notch" does. We have purchased several Show Quality Does with OUTSTANDING genetics.

Our Pedigrees include AK-47 "Ennobled", Status Quo "Ennobled", Backdraft "Sire of Merit", Bo Jangle "Ennobled" and Painted Warrior "Ennobled".

We are very family oriented and focus strongly on 4H and youth. We want to provide our customers top quality show wethers  that are both competitive and affordable. 

About Boer Goats

GoatsThe Boer is an improved indigenous breed with some infusion of European, Angora and Indian goat breeding many years ago. Several researchers agree that the indigenous populations were probably from the Namaqua Hottentots and from southward migrating Bantu tribes. The name is derived from the Dutch word "boer" meaning farmer and was probably used to distinguish the native goats from the Angora goats which were imported into South Africa during the 19th century. The present day Boer goat appeared in the early 1900's when ranchers in the Easter Cape Province started selecting for a meat type goat.

The South African registry was established in 1959. Since 1970 the Boer goat has been incorporated into the National Mutton Sheep and Goat Performance Testing Scheme making it the first goat breed involved in meat production performance testing.

Goat meat is one of the most widely consumed meats in the world. Eaten as a staple in Jamaica, The Caribbean, South and Central America

The male goat is called 'buck' and female goat 'doe'. The Boer goat is primarily a meat goat with several adaptations to the region in which it was developed. It is a horned breed with lop ears and showing a variety of color patterns. The Boer goat is being used very effectively in South Africa in combination with cattle due to its browsing ability and limited impact on the grass cover. Producing weaning rates in excess of 160% the Boer goat doe is a low maintenance animal that has sufficient milk to rear a kid that is early maturing. The mature Boer Goat buck weighs between 110-135 kg (~240-300 lbs) and does between 90 and 100 kg (~200-225 lbs).